Strange Occurrence on Haunted Walking Tour

One of my tour guides was conducting a 8:30PM Haunted Walking Tour with 6 people this evening. Towards the end of the tour, just as they were leaving Wright Square–also known as the Hanging Square–one of the men from the tour stepped on to the sidewalk from the street and thought he had stepped into a puddle with his sandals on. When he looked down, there was no puddle and there was BLOOD all over one of his feet! The guide Janet grabbed some tissue from her purse and started to wipe it off, to find from where he was bleeding BUT THE NAPKIN CAME UP CLEAN! No red residue. The entire group freaked out, knowing they were looking at blood but the napkin showed up clear! The man’s wife (who happened to be a nurse) then proceeded to pour some water on his foot to rinse it off, but found no cut, no scratch…NOTHING. My tour was also wrapping up at that time a couple of blocks away, so they soon found us and shared their incredible account with my group as well. They were all quite serious and extremely shaken over the eerie incident. Six strangers that met on one tour will now have a lifetime memory to share.

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