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Tara GROUP TOURS are available only for parties of 10 or more.


Group Ghost Tour Discounts, Rates & Prices in Savannah, GA

Do you have a private party coming to Savannah? Looking for a Savannah ghost tour that will give your group VIP treatment? We offer a group ghost tour discount with special rates and prices for parties of 10 or more. With our GROUP TOURS option, we can arrange your party’s group ghost tour, and make sure you experience the best that Savannah, Georgia has to offer during your stay. TARA HAUNTED TOURS specializes in Savannah get-away packages.  


Take a leisurely guided walk through Savannah’s beautiful Historic District. Marvel at gorgeous Antebellum homes and hear haunted tales of the ghost that lurk within the buildings at night. Tara’s Haunted Savannah Walking Tour also includes a private paranormal tour of Moon River Brewing Company, built in 1821. This unique location quickly became one of the top haunted spots in the Southeast, and a media ground for filming ghostly activity for SyFy and the Travel Channel. The length of the tour is approximately 2 hours.


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HAUNTED HAPPY HOUR TOUR: Just checked into your hotel and your ready to see Savannah? This tour combines History and Haunted stories. Discounted drink specials too!

HAUNTED BIRTHDAY TOUR: Forget the candles, let’s just get scared with this special “Happy Birthday” Savannah Ghost Tour! (All ages)

HAUNTED WALKING TOUR: Fantastic Family-Friendly and Fright-Filled ghost tour of Savannah, Georgia!

BOOS and BREWS TOUR: Beer and fear go hand in hand at the award winning BOOS & BREWS ghost tour of Savannah, GA. Adults only (21+).

BOOS & BREWS before I DO’S TOUR: No Bachelorette party in Savannah, GA is complete without this! Before your Savannah wedding begins, bring your Bridal Party to Savannah and lets have some scary fun. One extra haunted pub stop included on the Bachelorette Ghost Tour.

WEDDING GHOST TOUR: Many couples tie the knot in Savannah, and we add FANTASTIC memories with our unique tour. Invite all of your wedding guests along on this spectacular customized Savannah ghost tour!


Want something specific and unique? Create your own haunted tour of Savannah with Tara Tours! Mix and match! Pick and choose your own Savannah ghost tour!


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