Tara to Investigate The Stanley Hotel with Dustin Pari (GHI) – Feb. 25th 2012

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, Colo., has nearly a century of history. The hotel was also the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel, the setting for Stephen King’s masterpiece The Shining. It has also hosted some famous names such as Stephen King, Theodore Roosevelt, and even the Emperor and Empress of Japan. But the Stanley may be hosting more than just guests. It has been the site of numerous reports of supposed hauntings.
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Tara to Explore Green Cove Springs Jail with Ghost Hunters Again! Nov. 18th 2011

Scott Tepperman of Syfy’s series Ghost Hunters International

TARA TOURS will team up again with Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters International! We are proud to announce that paranormal expert Scott Tepperman will lead our investigation through the corridors of the old Green Cove Springs Jail. With Ghost Hunters, Scott has already taken part in paranormal investigations of Savannah’s Moon River Brewing Company, a stop on our popular BOOS & BREWS haunted ghost tour. I will also be bringing three selected tour guests to share in this experience with me.

First built in 1894 the old jail was in service till 1972. During that time at least 5 documented executions have occurred on the front steps of the jail. Death was by hanging.

The jail housed the insane, juveniles, men and women. At least one sheriff was assassinated and his bleeding body dragged into the jail, where it lay bleeding on the floor. One deranged inmate slit his own throat. Another suicide occurred on the lawn of the courthouse/jail complex. The elderly gentleman stabbed himself repeatedly in his own chest.

Teams have consistently recorded electronic voice phenomena (EVP) in the empty cells. Disembodied voices, footsteps, shuffling of feet, the sound of cell doors creaking open have all been experienced. Video has caught unexplained apparitions and photographs show unexplained anomalies. And most creepy of all, the jailbirds like to touch investigators and pull their hair.

To his credit, Scott has been a regular investigator on Ghost Hunters International for about four years now. Scott’s interest in paranormal activity was sparked when, as a child, he was allowed the rare opportunity to step inside the Amityville Horror House! We can’t wait to investigate  and see what kind of spooky situations we can get into together! We’ll keep you posted……..

Tara Investigates Ann O’Malley’s Pub in St. Augustine, FL. – April 15th, 2011

Tara Tours will team up next with Northeast Florida Paranormal Investigations (NEFLPI). Touring one of the oldest cities in America, NEFLPI will guide us through several haunted locations that they have investigated previously.  This includes Anne O’Malley’s, the oldest authentic Irish Pub in the St. Augustine area.  Anne O’Malley’s is a very active place, boasting a rich history of British and Irish ghosts, which of course results in DOUBLE the paranormal activity!  The pub is not just a hotspot for EVPs,  as many patrons have claimed that they have witnessed the visual effects of glasses being tossed from behind the bar.

When restoration started on the building 20 years ago, the remains of two head stones were found underneath the building. While investigating the site it was revealed they were British soldiers.  Now you know the British don’t get along with the Irish!  The Pub and Deli also features guest rooms upstairs.  Several complaints of loud “boot” stomping on the stairs, and mens voices captured on EVP by NEFPI were confirmed in this haunted location.
Some claim it’s the deceased irish patrons of long ago purposely stomping the floors and stairs to annoy the british buried there so long ago!  Glasses have also been documented to fly off shelves, and pictues literally had to be nailed permanently into the walls to keep them from falling off as well.

USS Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington, NC. – Aug. 20th 2010

Tara and daughter with Ghost Hunters International cast members

My daughter and I recently attended an official paranormal investigation with Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters International (GHI). That evening we boarded this massive ship and stayed overnight, participating in a live investigation alongside the cast and crew of the television series! We were pleased to meet GHI cast members like Paul Bradford, Donna Lacroix, and Brandy Green. I documented the experience and made the photos I have available on my Facebook account. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

The USS North Carolina is a haunted battleship that lost 10 men in battle during World War 2. Five men died when the ship was torpedoed September 1942. Another three were killed by friendly fire in April 1945. The remaining two died in separate incidents.


Today, the USS North Carolina is still haunted by at least two of the dead sailors. One is good but one is evil. One likes to rattle things, cut off the lights, slam the doors, move things around in the room. The other is cold and much more wicked. When he is near, the temperature in the room drops and you can see your own breath. He has chased people and even yelled at them.

A ghostly young blond man has been seen in the passageways. Another spirit peers out of portholes occasionally. One has even hitched a ride with an unsuspecting guest.

Hatches and doors open or close themselves, televisions and lights turn themselves off or on. Things move by themselves in front of witnesses. And they don’t hesitate to make themselves known by talking and even yelling. And of course there are cold spots, footsteps and other eerie experiences.

One night, a watchman was fixing a power box below deck when he felt a gust of cold air and a hand on his shoulder. He spun around and shone his flashlight but there was nothing there. He heard footsteps walking away.

He jerked the beam of light around the room. There were empty tables and benches. In the open hatch nearby stood a sailor with blond hair so fair it looked white. The light from the flashlight passed right through him. When the night watchman screamed, the ghostly sailor turned his head and disappeared.

It may go months or even years between experiences. Several experiences may happen in a short amount of time. But when the ghosts of this battleship become active they certainly appear to make themselves heard very loud and clear.


Tara Tours Haunted Pub Stop: Moon River Brewing Company

Haunted Moon River Brewing Company Savannah, GA

Tara Tours has added a new stop, the Moon River Brewing Company, on our 8:00PM BOOS AND BREWS Tour. All I can say is CREEPY!   A man slapped in the face, a woman screaming (not part of the tour group), tour guide and a skeptic guest seeing a full blown apparition of a woman in the upstairs section of the building and more…

Aug. 17th 2010 Downstairs in the basement I saw a grown woman drop to her knees in fear, crying hysterically as she saw a 6 ft. black shadow of solid mass pass in front of her. Get this…for a living she’s a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) from Florida!

April 2011 A series of photos taken by Steve Burke from Clearwater, FL. on tour. A tour guest literally got slapped in the face at the bottom of  a staircase that a man was shot on and fell to his death at. This poor man was just standing there, then WHAM…..a slap so hard it knocked him backwards! These three photos (taken seconds apart from each other) can be viewed on our Facebook “Ghost Pictures from Tours” album.

November 6th 2011 My daughter Lyn joins the staff at Moon River Brewing Company. We are patiently awaiting the news of any after hour paranormal activity that may happen in one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah! Stay tuned for more info…

Nov. 25th 2011 My tour guide Chad called me right after the tour tonight. Two of his tour guests captured a live video of an orb moving around on the second floor. Crazy thing is the two guests that filmed the paranormal incident, did not know each otheduring the tour,  at all until meeting tonight on the tour. There was also a rep from WJCL (local tv staion in Savannah) with her friends doing the “Black Friday” tour, and she was absolutely astonished at the two separate videos. She gave my guide her card and said she would like to air these videos on the news!!!! You never know who or what will show up on these tours. Video has been posted to our facebook page.

Nov. 26th 2011 I love it when a skeptic has an encounter on the tour. Chad once again called me at home after the tour and said that one of the tour guests Mr. Hamilton, was touched a couple of times downstairs in the basement of Moon River Brewing Company. Mr. Hamilton had mentioned to Chad he did’nt believe in ghosts, but quickly changed his mind when something started to poke him while touring the creepy basement area. He also had his wife and daughter with him on tour.



Strange Occurrence on Haunted Walking Tour

One of my tour guides was conducting a 8:30PM Haunted Walking Tour with 6 people this evening. Towards the end of the tour, just as they were leaving Wright Square–also known as the Hanging Square–one of the men from the tour stepped on to the sidewalk from the street and thought he had stepped into a puddle with his sandals on. When he looked down, there was no puddle and there was BLOOD all over one of his feet! The guide Janet grabbed some tissue from her purse and started to wipe it off, to find from where he was bleeding BUT THE NAPKIN CAME UP CLEAN! No red residue. The entire group freaked out, knowing they were looking at blood but the napkin showed up clear! The man’s wife (who happened to be a nurse) then proceeded to pour some water on his foot to rinse it off, but found no cut, no scratch…NOTHING. My tour was also wrapping up at that time a couple of blocks away, so they soon found us and shared their incredible account with my group as well. They were all quite serious and extremely shaken over the eerie incident. Six strangers that met on one tour will now have a lifetime memory to share.

Tara Investigates and films in the William Kehoe House – Aug. 8th, 2009

Strange orb in front of Kehoe House

My Great-Great Grandfather’s house was originally built in 1892.  He and his wife Anne had a large family of 10 children….5 boys and 5 girls.  His wealth did not come easy, but was a product of his dedicated years working,  then later owning,  a massive Iron Foundry (Kehoe Iron Works).

Many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren played through out the large hallways and bedrooms of this spectacular residential mansion.  A handful of family members died in the home as well.


Sept. 19, 1902 – Anna Louise Kehoe ( 4 yrs. 2 mth. at time of death)

Sept. 22, 1902 – Mary Elizabeth Kehoe (1 yr. 8 mth. at time of death)

These two young girls were my grandfather’s older sisters.  While his mother was pregnant with him, they contracted Roseola and died within 3 days of each other. They were sent to the house to be nursed back to health, but died in the home instead. My grandfather was born 3 weeks later. They are buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Savannah. Their tombstone reads “Suffer little children to come unto me”.

These beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed angels are extremely playful all throughout the home. Guests of the Inn have reported to visually see them standing at the foot of the bed….whispering in each others ears giggling, or turning door knobs for thrills.  Several complaints from hotel guests are the pitter patter of  little feet running up and down the hallway! Some people mistake them for twins, but they are only sisters very close in age at the time of their death.

Sept. 27, 1922 – Francis Percy Kehoe (41 Yrs. at time of death)

One of the original 10 children, Percy died of Tuburculous in the home. 3 months later his own mother dies in the house.

Dec. 30th,1922-Anne Flood  (73 yrs. at time of death) 

The matriarch of  this huge family, she is the famous “lady in white”  that is constantly seen and photographed in the home. In her final years of life, she suffered severly with Rhuematoid Arthritis.  A crippling painful disease that kept  her confined to certain areas of the home. One in particular is the “Tybee Room”.  This was her bedroom on the 2nd floor in her final days, and she is also seen on the 3rd floor, where her beloved granddaughters died. 

Dec. 29,1929 – William Kehoe ( 87 yrs. at time of death)

Upon the loss of my Great-Great Grandfather and the beginning of the great depression, the home was sold.  This was the sole decision of the 7  survivng children. The new owners turned turned this beautiful family home into a funeral home for 47 years! (1930-1977)  The downstairs front parlors, and the second story bedrooms were turned into “viewing” rooms for the deceased. The basement area which was onced used for canning and coal storage, kitchen and washing areas, was now converted into embalming, prep, and cold storage rooms for dead bodies!  As recent as 2007, the new owners wanting to expand the Inn by adding more rooms,  utilized these old death rooms by gutting them out and creating three new guests rooms.  Now there are 13 rooms at the Inn.

What an amazing experience!  Three days and nights of filming and investigating in a ghost-filled family/ex-funeral home was an extremely intense experience!  My daughter Lyn and brother Lee also participated . The same company that produces Ghost Hunters International is also responsible for this series.  The date to be aired has not been determined yet.

This haunted home is definately on all of our Tara Tour ghost routes. Take a tour with us and see this magnificent home up close for yourself!


Thanks to FSU Documentary Filmmakers

I am especially proud and would like to thank those from Florida State University (FSU) that travelled to Savannah on March 10, 2009 to film a documentary on ghosts and paranormal activity in Savannah. Thank you for including my tour company TARA TOURS in your film and for giving me the opportunity to participate! Thanks to Ariya for the DVD (It was amazing!).

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